It has been very exciting for me lately. Matata helped me to see that my artwork can be shared on t-shirts and water bottles and more. She is a giraffe who really is too fabulous to fit in but in a way she really does just that! Named after the giraffe at a small local zoo, she became my inspiration.
Matata is now available on t-shirts!!!!
Women’s Cut or Men’s T-shirt (black shirt)
Sizes S,M,L,XL $18 each
Sizes 2X and up are $2 more
Shipped via USPS Flat Rate Priority for $5.80
or you can pick up at Jersey Made!
All orders must be paid in advance and will be shipped no later than 2 weeks from date payment is received.  Please message me on Facebook or email me at if I can provide anymore information.

Matata is original artwork copyrighted by Holly Doyle. It may not be used or altered without specific permissions. Thanks!


06 12th, 2014

Just a few greeting cards I made for my Mom and sisters for Mother’s Day!  Hand drawn and colored pencils.   I still like making all my own.

Special Requests….

05 28th, 2014

I’ve been getting some requests for specific artwork.   Here are 2 that were finished just recently.

“Reach” is a gift for a high school graduate.  The technique combines several different steps but I was very pleased with the finished look!

A friend asked me to do this for an anniversary gift.   Their names and date will be added.   It will be printed on 2 aluminum water bottles by Cheerful Dreams so that they can enjoy the reminder of their special day!

The original of the dolphin will stay with me so I can create some special items to sell at Jersey Made.

Always glad to help spread some artwork around.    Ask me!   If it is not something I can do there are many artists in my world who might be just the master of that art medium!!!

For an ATC friend

05 28th, 2014

The Artist Trading Card group that I belong to on Facebook is rather incredible.    One of the members was having serious medical issues and when asked what she needed replied “ATC supplies”.    So a call went out and many of  contributed.   This is what I sent….some reproduction pages from an old Sears catalog, a special ATC made for her, and postage stamps (not just any old stamps – these were from the Harry Potter collection).

I hope when supplies start to arrive it will make her day!!!   Happy Mail is the best for bringing smiles.

Another art prompt from the Journal 52 project that I follow on Facebook.   Very excited at how this one turned out.   A much better copy of the image has been put onto aluminum water bottles and are available at Jersey Made for $15.    Thanks to my friends at Cheerful Dreams!!!

This week really inspired me!   Perhaps it was Matata the giraffe who inspired me even more.   Then I saw a photo with the “I’m too fabulous to fit in” phrase – author should have been credited so I could mention them here!

I was really impressed with my combination drawing, journal, zentangle creation!!

Matata looks great on my new water bottle.   Due to many positive comments I am going to start having my artwork  available on things!!!  More on that later….


Started following a new page on Facebook.   Each week there is an art journaling prompt.    This was my first one (yes I know I started on #14 – someday I will go back and do the earlier weeks).

Inspired by Clint Black’s song.   I had fun drawing and coloring it!!

Found at the Amtrak Environmental Fair on 4/22/14.  All cool giveaways.  Disappointed that the US EPA got the soybean crayons made in Mexico.  The pencil sharpener is made in China.  However I was glad PECO gave out jar openers made from recycled tires and the Sustainable Business Network printed their guide on recycled paper.

Every day is earth day !

Coming to Jersey Made this May 2014!!

It is exciting that we will be on Zan Asha’s Beyond Vagabond East Tour!   There are as many classes as we can fit into just 3 days.    Please take a look over the info about Zan and the workshops and classes being offered.    Please let me know if you would like to register!!

ATC – Nautical Theme

04 25th, 2014

 I might have missed the intent of the March monthly ATC theme.   I got this phrase in my head but could not get nautical about it.    The 3rd ATC (not shown for many reason) turned into a bad version of Mary Poppins.    I got laughing with a friend about it and abandoned it on her windshield.   Well I gave it a shot!   LoL

April is “Women in History”.   Again, Mary Poppins might be a good subject.   OK I am going over the deep end now but thanks for reading along anyway!   Hope you find my sketchy ATC’s amusing.   I know I do!



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