Lines on the Pines #11

02 24th, 2016

Looking forward to participating in Lines on the Pines.   2016 celebrates the 11th year of this awesome event.   My Recycled Art and NJ related items will be on display.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

11am to 4pm

New location – Renault Winery

I am proud to be included with this talented group of Pine Barrens related authors and artisans.   Make sure to look for some of my awesome friends their as well:

Stephen Carty will be releasing his newest zine trilogy “My Native Soil”!

Barbara and Ray of Nyman Decoys

Pinelands Folk Music & Basketry

South Jersey Spinners and Weavers

Rebecca Hunter’s Fatwood Jewelry

and me, your favorite recycled artist, Holly Doyle!!

Check out all the info for Lines on the Pines at their website!


Warmer things…

02 20th, 2016

Not sure what the groundhog was thinking!   Actually I am not sure why we even listen to weather reports as translated from a big rodent who lives in the ground and translates forecasts to a huge group of men in suits.    Either way…I am ready to start thinking about warmer things.
I have been busy working on my 2016 Spring/Summer Calendar of events.   Coming soon….


My Butterfly

01 6th, 2016


Fairy Muse

12 31st, 2015


On December 28, 2015 I took a class at Original Abbie Studio in Medford, NJ.   This is the Fairy Muse that I created.   It was a timely class for me as I look forward to a new year.   In 2015 my life changed in a huge way.   I closed my beloved shop, Jersey Made.   I thought it would leave me wide open for new opportunities but there was still much I had to learn.  I needed time to heal.   I needed to find a job to pay my living expenses and enable me to get a car.    It took the better part of the rest of 2015 for these things to happen.    I am persistent if nothing else.

So in 2016 I look forward to being a recycled artist every day and enjoying being me.  I am excited for that and hope you continue to follow along for the changes that will be made to my website.   These changes will reflect the new directions my art is taking me.   It is a journey…not a destination!

Happy 2016 to all of you!!!


Journeling Dangerously

09 15th, 2015

FB_IMG_1442347904380I am trying something new.  Journeling Dangerously is a Facebook page.  We are encouraged to journal each day.  Not always artsy but it can be.  I will be posting a few of my pages for your amusement….dangerously on the edge!

Corn Husk Dolls

09 1st, 2015


It was an honor to be asked to be included in the “West Jersey:  A Colonial Perspective”.   This past Saturday, 8/29/2015 I taught ages 8 to adult how to make corn husk dolls.   We talked about their origin and history and legends.     Everyone left with a unique corn husk doll and had an enjoyable time.   Many thanks to the Burlington County Lyceum in Mount Holly for hosting the event.





Out of the coop

08 31st, 2015





Yes, I know it has been a little quiet on here these past few months.

There is  good reason.  I closed Jersey Made on 4/30/20/15.   Having been 100% about my shop for the last 5 1/2 years meant that it absorbed my time and my life.   It was my dream and I gave it my best try.   The shop could not support me and I could no longer support the shop.   Not all that easy for the small business owner these days.   Please buy local!!

Yet I am still committed to keeping art in my life.   I have a found a few ways to do that and hope you will continue following along to see the new paths in my journeys with my recycled art!!!

Thank you all for your concerns and prayers!

(Pictured is my chicken pin cushion collection.  It was displayed at the quilt show at Kirby’s Mill in June 2015.    Each year I purchased a pin cushion from the Berry Basket Quilters.   This year marked the 10th chicken added to my collection.   It was quite a conversation piece for the event.)

FFA Week – 2/26/15

02 26th, 2015

It isn’t really a secret that I am a treehugger!   There are so many things about trees that keep me rooted deep.    The shade in the summer months is soothing.   The leaves in autumn are beautiful colors and I could watch them floating to the ground all day long.   Raking them is not as much fun but I like that too!   Even bees pollinate with trees, not just flowers.   That honey tends to be darker in color and have a much richer hearty taste.

The inspiration of trees is often found in my artwork.   Perhaps more often in the winter months. I cannot sit under a tree quite as easily then.   I am not a huge fan of snow but freshly fallen flakes on the branches paint a beautiful picture.

This is a design that will be premiering soon at the 10th Annual “Line on the Pines” on Sunday, March 8, 2015.   These will be created into pin-on buttons.

It’s official now.   I am a Certified Treehugger.

Today’s FFA post honors all those who take care of our trees.   I noticed that the students were asked to wear an outfit suitable for their future FFA career.   This got me thinking that I should have been a park ranger.    I suppose it is a little late to switch paths but in the meantime I will continue to be inspired in my artwork by trees.


Leafpile: A pile gathering one creative leaf at a time…..

Jersey Made and Holly Doyle have been invited to participate again this year for the 10th Annual “Lines on the Pines”.

Sunday, March 8, 2015  11am to 4pm   at Kerri Brooke Caterers in Hammonton.

This is very exciting and an honor to be included with this list of very talented people.   Please come see what this event is all about!!!

LotP 2015 flyer



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