03 5th, 2014

This was a enjoyable recycled project.   It remained undone until I found the brass fixture that would become the hanger for keys.    Yesterday I went to purchase the last bit of hardware I needed.

Lines on the Pines 2014

02 26th, 2014

Jersey Made ( and Holly Doyle ( are excited to be included in the 9th annual Lines on the Pines 2014.   This is a wonderful event with a focus on the New Jersey Pine Barrens.  Holly’s recycled artwork will be featured along with selected items from Jersey Made.   Please come out and meet authors, historians, and artists!!   It is a free inside event and there is plenty of parking.   Easy to find too!!

Moooooo – FFA Day 4

02 21st, 2014

This just made me smile!

I am addicted to cheese!    Love all kinds of cheese.  Sometimes when my body craves protein I just have some cheese to help me along.   During one of our recent snowmageddons I made myself lunch with plain old cheddar cheese and saltine cracker.   I was perfectly happy with that with a side of fruit cup!

Still finishing….

02 21st, 2014

Had a conversation with a friend the other day.   In the midst of the zillion other things we like to talk about together she asked me this:   “Are you still finishing things?”   As you recall that was my project for 2014.   I even gave it a superhero kind of name “Finisher 2014″!   Proudly I could say yes and quickly showed her the diminished pile of unfinished items that I had gathered at Jersey Made.

There have been a few setbacks but I have been tracking my accomplishments each day.   Sometimes this includes notes on why I did not make progress.

Just the other day I had a huge revelation.   My focus had been on unfinished creations at the shop.    The reality is that there is an even bigger pile of projects at home.   Some of them have been in boxes since I moved and then moved again.   So I have changed my methods a little to account for this and am going to stop bringing home projects from the shop to work on in the evening.   I have plenty at home to sort and finish.

Here is my finished items that have been unblogged (that has be to added as a word in all new dictionaries) previously!

Always a good reminder for me.   I am in charge of my own happiness.

One more piece of that old wagon!   I think there is only a few more boards left.   This one had “fresh cut flowers” painted on it from last spring.   Figure it was a good idea to finish it before this spring.    What do you do during NJ blizzards?   LoL

This was a favorite project.    A custom wood order gone wrong left me with 12 of these mdf boards.    It gave me a chance to practice new lettering styles and write happy words at the same time.

This was an “at home unfinished project”.   In acronyms an AH-UP makes perfect sense to me.    Painted on driftwood and decorated with paint and shells.   I might add black polka dots to the letters but figure I would put it on the shelf until I decide that for sure.    Maybe get a 2nd or 3rd opinion on that!

In between doing all these projects I worked on other smaller projects as well, including:

  • Made a few bracelets from old broken necklaces.
  • Created artist trading cards for the Valentine’s Day mass abandonment project by the Facebook group.
  • Made greeting for my college students to receive by snail mail.
  • 4 turtles made from wax which are still waiting for a few more touches (specifically a tag and story about their creation).   This was a big project and deserves it’s own blogpost at a later date.
  • Samples for my Artistic Praying classes.
  • Samples for the Kids Recreate! classes.   This includes my awesome giraffes, snake and owls.   Some of those have been given away to new “cardboard animal friendly” homes.   hehe
  • soapbox art projects
  • Recuperating from a giant fall on the ice.   This was not any ordinary ice skating stunt so it did take a week away from finishing.   However in between resting and recuperating and still having to work…..I made lists of ideas and notes to carry me forward.
  • Plans are underway for the next issue of Jersey Times, my zine.

I really feel like I have been accomplishing many things in addition to my already plate that is full of being a shop owner, bookkeeper, friend and volunteer mixed in with my family and friends!

I believe that is living creatively!

Potatoes – FFA day 3

02 19th, 2014

Thought this was an interesting idea.    Usually potatoes require a huge area of ground that have very little stones or obstacles.   This clever set up can be easily constructed so even people with little or no backyard can still grow their own potatoes.

We should all be thinking about growing our own and/or purchasing directly from farmers who do not use any GMO products or harmful pesticides.    I am sure there are others who are watching how our government is dealing (or not dealing) with this crisis.    Mexico just banned all Monsanto products from the whole country.    I remain hopeful!!

Still spending the week thinking about the benefits of agriculture in my little world.

According to Wikipedia “the majority of natural dyes are vegetable dyes from plant sources.”  The skins of the red and yellow onions can be used to dye fibers, wool and cotton.  Often the wool was dyed before it was spun into yarn.  Clothing (or textiles) can also be dyed.   This process goes back thousands of years.   Back in the days when the whole onion was used – inside and out.

 Synthetic dyes were not developed until the mid 19th century.   The industrial revolution propelled big changes.  Since natural dyes did not take to the new synthetic materials that were being used to mass produce clothing their use dwindled.

Personally I am still a person who loves cotton clothing and read the tags on everything I pick out.   I am sure they were not all shaded with natural dyes but at least I am not 100% fake (synthetic).

FFA Week 2014 begins…

02 16th, 2014

Again this year I will be following along with National FFA Week!   I still have not taking up farming and have the same brown thumb.   However I do think that we should appreciate all the things that are constants in our world that come from this industry.   The industry of dirt, growing, foods and animals!!

So as a supporter of the FFA and all that they do to educate me I will be blogging along this week.

Thank a farmer today or just thank the workers in your local supermarket because we all need the work those involved with FFA do for our food supply and lives!

Facebook Abandoning

02 14th, 2014

I continue to enjoy randomly abandoning  pieces of art throughout my town.    The Facebook group, Art Abandonment, has really been an encouragement.    Although I would love to abandon larger pieces of art that just isn’t possible right now.    Even a small amount of art to share is better than sharing none.   There are over 10,000 fans of the Art Abandonment page and we were all invited to do a massive abandoning today for Valentine’s Day!

Here are photos of my Artist Trading Cards that I have already started to leave in several places in town.

Someday I am going to travel and leave art in mysterious places across the USA.    For now, I enjoy my little act of spreading art!

The before….

October 2011

We bought old canvases on a Thursday trip to Columbus Flea Market and each created our own re-do back at Jersey Made!   It was a fun project with a bit of a challenge.

Me and my artwork!

We suspect that Nicola threw hers away!    Not sure why because it is abstractly awesome.

Abbie’s came out the best!

Here’s an altered book I created for myself.    It’s intention is to hold my notecards, postage stamps and a pen.    Why I can never seem to keep all of these items in the same place is beyond me but NOW I will!   LoL

The pages of this Marlboro cookbook were removed.   This book was chosen for a special reason….the photography that Marlboro uses is quite special and several pages will be used in other projects.   Some will become little pocket envelopes that I use at Jersey Made when customers don’t want a bag or a box for their purchase.   I don’t collect recipes so there was no cooking ulterior motive!   hehe

I created a little ledge that goes all the way around the inside (where the pages used to be).

Added some ribbon and place to store my pen!

All set for writing my snail-mail notecards!



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