FFA Week – 2/26/15

02 26th, 2015

It isn’t really a secret that I am a treehugger!   There are so many things about trees that keep me rooted deep.    The shade in the summer months is soothing.   The leaves in autumn are beautiful colors and I could watch them floating to the ground all day long.   Raking them is not as much fun but I like that too!   Even bees pollinate with trees, not just flowers.   That honey tends to be darker in color and have a much richer hearty taste.

The inspiration of trees is often found in my artwork.   Perhaps more often in the winter months. I cannot sit under a tree quite as easily then.   I am not a huge fan of snow but freshly fallen flakes on the branches paint a beautiful picture.

This is a design that will be premiering soon at the 10th Annual “Line on the Pines” on Sunday, March 8, 2015.   These will be created into pin-on buttons.

It’s official now.   I am a Certified Treehugger.

Today’s FFA post honors all those who take care of our trees.   I noticed that the students were asked to wear an outfit suitable for their future FFA career.   This got me thinking that I should have been a park ranger.    I suppose it is a little late to switch paths but in the meantime I will continue to be inspired in my artwork by trees.


Leafpile: A pile gathering one creative leaf at a time…..

Jersey Made and Holly Doyle have been invited to participate again this year for the 10th Annual “Lines on the Pines”.

Sunday, March 8, 2015  11am to 4pm   at Kerri Brooke Caterers in Hammonton.

This is very exciting and an honor to be included with this list of very talented people.   Please come see what this event is all about!!!

LotP 2015 flyer

FFA Week 2/23/2015

02 23rd, 2015

Do not mess with my carrots!


FFA Week 2/22/2015

02 22nd, 2015


FFA Week 2/21/15

02 21st, 2015

IMG_38803950873706Why talk about FFA week?  Because I am a fan of the farmer.  They work hard to bring us freshness, unprocessed foods that we can enjoy! Many of them work from sunrise to sunset.  Beekeepers get stung by the bees.  Farmers get kicked by cattle.  Sheep don’t really like to get sheered so we can have their wool.  It is tough work.  The FFA teaches about agrilculture.  So for this one week each year I have collected some photos to share.

Thanks to all those who keep NJ the Garden State.

Thanks to the beekeepers who tend the bees and gather the honey to sweeten our world.

Thanks to the cattle growers who keep me enjoying cheeseburgers.

Thanks to FFA for educating the youth and the teachers of tomorrow.

Eat your veggies!

Abandoning Lovebirds

02 7th, 2015

It seemed only right to spread some love this February by abandoning lovebirds.   They are really cute.   I watercolored a full sheet and then cut out the hearts.   I hope they are well received by those who find them!!20150203_150240

20150203_145435-1   20150203_150158

There 2 were already left for waitresses!!!





Top of the World

01 25th, 2015
Mail Art 2015[1]
It was exciting to be invited to participate in a worldwide call for Mail Art that will be included in an exhibit at the Top Of The World Observatory at the Baltimore, Maryland World Trade Center. The invitation stated “this is your chance to share your views of the world and with the world through mail art, alongside other global participants!”

The guidelines were open to any medium.   The maximum size of the art is 5″x7″ and it should be mailed unwrapped (or as they called it…naked…like a postcard).   The artwork will not be returned to me but I will receive a documentation booklet of the art included.

This is my entry entitled “Outside Comes Inside” by Holly Doyle.

Thanks to Uncustomary Art and artists Mary England & Erika Kim Milenkovic for this opportunity.


Exhibition: Top Of The World Observation Gallery at the World Trade Center in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. http://www.viewbaltimore.org/

Exhibition dates: February 6 through March 29, 2015. Free opening reception on Friday, February 6, 2015.


I really had to literally dust off the sewing machine for this custom order.   12 coasters made with brown fabric.   I couldn’t really use a mocha brown so I was glad when I found this beautiful tan print.   I haven’t made coasters in a long time.   The pattern has long since been stored away safely in an unknown location.    Since I promised to fulfill the order I made a new pattern and started to recall the process I set up so many years ago.


2015 Wishlist

01 1st, 2015

Happy 2015!

As a recycled artists I find much of my time is spent gathering.   Often friends, customers and complete strangers ask me what kind of items I am seeking.   So here is a list for those who are interested or just amused by my art.   I really do recycle as many things as I can.


Items to gather in the new year!

Green buttons – The world really does need more of them and I have a few projects in mind (trees) that require green buttons.

Wine corks – I use these for a whole bunch of things and share with others artists who might need some too!

Paper towel & toilet paper tubes – I use these for kids art and have a whole bunch of ways these become art.

Small jewelry or gift boxes – I recover these to give to customers with their purchases at Jersey Made.

The Sunday Comics – I have been making my own bags from them and having just 1 page a week is not enough!!  LoL

Game pieces from board games.

Broken jewelry…..sparkly or beads or watches or whatever!

If you have something unique that you think I might be able to use….please ask!

Items I save for others…..

Can tabs – Many organizations collect them but ultimately they all go towards the Ronald McDonald House which sells them to cover their monthly costs.   Although I am not a fan of their cheeseburgers (I am a cheeseburger fan normally) their houses do great things for sickly kids and their families.

Plastic Lids – from water bottles to toothpaste caps and all other plastic lids in between.   One of my artists at Jersey Made has an organization that recycles these and I have been gathering them.   She picks up what I have once each month.   Bring yours here and I can include them as well.



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